Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pearl Necklace

Candlelight, oil, cinnamon and fingertips,
I create relaxation and long awaited romance.

I glide over every muscle, soothing every ache,
then ask you to turn so I can finish the dance.

I tease and taunt, the way you love,
then I stroke and lick, to really pleasure.

I twist and twirl, suck and swirl,
working hard for that taste I treasure.

You push and pull, taking control,
but you still hold back, savoring my whimper.

Then you pull me up and slam my hips down,
groaning then chuckling as you listen to me simper.

You have found your power, either in my touch or patience,
but I revel in it, pressing and squeezing, obeying every command.

My arms are raised, the push and pull of my hips,
you respond with new orders, insistence in your hand.

Moaning and writhing, seething and screaming,
my body gives way to your perfect design.

You force and coerce, drawing as much as you can,
until finally, my liquid limbs compel me to resign.

I fall to my side, breathless and out of my mind,
but you are not finished, completion unmet.

You turn to torture my pink pebbled points,
taking out your dissatisfaction on those two sweet summits.

My fingers attempt to please, but cannot manage a pace,
so you rise up above me, and I prepare my lips.

But you surprise me by straddling my chest,
forcing your throbbing cock between my tits.

You require me to hold them, and pinch my nipples tight,
while you slide between my breasts, dominating them completely.

It doesn’t take long, the pleasure so exquisite,
before you’re pulsing, climaxing, cumming so repletely.

Your fluffy white seed squirts across my throat,
coating my collarbone but missing my face.

And as you back down, you smile at me sweetly,
“You are lovely, my dear, wearing my pearl necklace.”

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Commander is Watching

So there she was, in the middle of a bed tied to the four posters, stark naked with several men looking on her like they were hungry wolves who had been led to a lamb buffet. She didn't wonder how she had wound up like this; after all she had gladly been led into submission by her commander.

Her breasts jiggled slightly as her breathing intensified with the stares of these obviously excited men. The hard cocks that strained against their pants were proof enough of their lustful desire for this helpless young beauty. Their eyes burning with intensity rarely seen outside the bedroom gave away the intentions locked deep inside their minds.

The men came in all shape, sizes and colors. She wondered briefly who would be the first to try and touch her. She knew nothing would happen though until the commander showed himself and gave permission. He liked watching her in the throes of passion. Hearing her moan out as she was divided by a huge cock that made her tingle from her toes to her scalp.

Yes, he was a voyeur, but he also liked to participate. After all, she was his devoted goddess and she loved it when the commander favored her with his attention. However for that she would have to put on a good show tonight. Not like it was hard to do. She loved the attention she got from these horny studs and the sex was usually intense and hot. No, there would be no complaints from her.

Suddenly the room took on an ominous feeling. The Goddess began to get a tingly feeling in her pussy, almost like a tremor in the Force. She KNEW the commander had entered the room although she could not see him. Then his voice rang out like a clear song.

"Good evening everyone." He said in a slow controlled tone. "Good evening Commander." Everyone replied except the Goddess. She knew better. She would only respond when spoken to.

The group of horny men parted to allow the commander through. As usual, he word black silk pants that were loose on him and a black silk sleeveless half robe. There was no doubt in anyone's mind who was in charge here tonight.

He shifted his gaze over to her and looked her over. She knew he wasn't eying her in the same way as the other men, no. He was inspecting to ensure his servant was prepared. She felt his gaze drift across her hardened nipples, to her child like face, her big green eyes, then down, down, down her stomach to her glistening and open pussy. He smiled and she felt her heart lighten. The commander approved of what he saw.

"So gentlemen, who is worthy of My Goddess? Not just anyone." He said. "She is a fine woman with a keen intellect and a beautiful body. What do you offer her that she might deign to bless you with her most intimate embrace?"

The first man stepped up. An elderly gentleman, he had an average chest and a full beard. "I would offer her a rose for her beauty and her charm." He said.

The commander shook his head. "This will not do. You may go now." The elderly man look saddened and turned to leave.

From behind him stepped a lean young man who could be no more than eighteen. "I would offer her my vitality and my energy." He said. The commander nodded.

"Present yourself for inspection." The young one's pants came off to reveal an average cock already glistening with pre-cum. The commander nodded again. "You may proceed to a place by the bed."

This continued for several minutes with the commander choosing three men all in the mid twenties. One had an impressive build, another his handsome face and long brown hair. The third was a black man whose cock was a monster. She found herself enthralled and frightened at the same time..

The commander nodded and all three men moved to her at once; The skinny one moving for her right breast, the black man going for her left breast and the built one moving his tongue to her aching pussy.

She felt the lips clamp down on her breasts and the tingling sensations shoot through her body. Then his tongue touched her clit and she arched up as the warmth from it spread all throughout her most private of areas. Her eyes closed shut with pleasure, she felt the fire begin to burn inside her. When she opened them again a hard cock was there. Hungrily she took it in her mouth a swirled her tongue around the soft head.

Soon she felt a cock probing the entrance to her pussy. It was rubbing against her clit and she could not help but orgasm from it. Suddenly, the cock was inside her and she breathed in and let out a soft moan. It began probing inside her feeling out the elusive G spot and tapping it repeatedly. Quickly she felt herself lifted to the heights of ultimate pleasure. She moaned with the huge cock in her mouth. She dared not spit it out because commander would not be pleased.

The man between her legs began to speed up his rhythm. She knew he would spill his seed inside her soon. The candles seemed to burn brighter as her orgasm hit. She moaned out loud with the cock in her mouth and the man inside her couldn't take it. He shot his hot spunk inside her deep. He pulled off to be replaced by the younger male quickly.

His dick felt good in her too but he had none of the patience that the prior man did. He immediately began slamming his dick into here full force. So much so that it made her strain against the bonds of her ankles. He pounded her hard and she came again and again moaning on the black man's cock. Finally he shot his spunk into her and staggered away. The black man pulled his cock from her mouth.

She stared down in disbelief at the monster. It was hard now and looked more like someone's forearm than a cock. She feared for her body but there was no turning back now.

The black man began to rub his cock head against her clit and she felt like she would jump from her skin! His dick felt like it was pure FIRE. She began to move her hips and make mewing noises that sounded like she was begging for it, then he began to thrust it into her.

Immediately she felt two things: Intense pleasure as she had never felt before, and an almost painful sensation as she was stretched to her limits by the monster. She moaned out loud as he buried himself to the hilt in her.

Slowly he began to stroke his cock in her and she couldn't help but gasp and moan. He began to quicken his pace and she stared moaning deeply. She couldn't stop cumming now as his dick probed deeper than she had ever felt. Moving faster and harder he savaged her pussy like an animal. He fucked her deep and long making her cum until she didn't think she could handle it anymore. Finally the black man roared like a tiger and shot his load into her.

Gently he dismounted her and gathered his thing. He said not a word as that was the rule. No words spoken, no names. Just pure fucking.

The commander untied her arms and legs and helped her up and to the shower to clean herself. She looked at him longingly and he smiled. "You have done well today, My Goddess."

Her heart soared as she stepped into the shower. She knew he would soon follow, and that she would get her reward, but THAT is another story.


The Goddess, Commander and the Toy Soldier- Part 5

As Taylor pulls his cock out My Goddess whimpers, but her pleasure is far from over. As I was keeping an eye out I spied the battered back seat that had been removed from the abandoned car she had just been fucked on.  I tell Taylor to carry her over there. Which he does as he scoops her up in his muscled arms and then sits back as she mounts him from on top.

Her dress is still on her, but it is in dirty taters, just like in a movie. The dirty torn dress is beyond sexy on she spins around for a reverse cowgirl and turns her attention more to me. His hands grip her waist as she slides up and down slowly on his cock while at the same time she brings my cock to her lips to suck me while she finger fucks my now sweaty ass.

I moan in delight as I look down in erotic delight of her fucking him as she sucks me... My balls are boiling and ready to explode.. But not yet.. For soon she will receive the ultimate pleasure during which all three of us will experience the penultimate erotic release.

As Taylor fucks her and she sucks my cock, she regains control and sets about explaining in very graphic detail to Taylor just what her intentions are and what is expected of him in this new relationship of ours...

"Taylor baby.. Understand that I am in charge and that both you and the commander here are my servants.. Of course I am a slave to both your cocks, but (slurp) the commander always has priority.."

"The commander's cock and the commander are my happiness.. A happiness we are allowing you to share in, but only if you follow the rules we lay down.. Do you accept my handsome soldier? Do you wish to be my toy soldier that I may use and be pleasured by anytime I wish and need??"

As Taylor hears her desires he smiles and looks up at me.. I nod at him that I am ok with him, which in turn provides him comfort knowing and sensing he is embarking on an erotic journey his Army buddies dare never imagine.

"Erik.. Am I your Goddess? Answer me!"

To which he replies.. "Yes My Goddess"

As he answers she pulls my cock from her lips, smiles tenderly and pulls my head down and kisses me deep. After which then I take charge and pull her off of him so he can pull his pants full off and lay down flat on a sturdy metal bench I placed there for just the next purpose.. I then guide her down on his cock as she leans down and kisses him deep and fucks him slowly while I pull my pants off and take some Astro Glide out of my pocket and slowly coat my cock.

The site of her fucking Taylor is unbelievably erotic... But the site of me pressing my cock into her ass as he fucks her pussy is even more erotic...

As a press in she cries out and moans hard as her long unfucked ass is slowly penetrated by my ridged cock.  She kisses Taylor deep to muffle her cries as he spreads her ass cheeks far apart so I can go ever deeper...

As I enter her the pain hurts, but it is quickly replaced by pleasure as our cocks begin to piston in and out of her slowly and firmly.. Our speed and friction become ever increasing as we bring out the first of an uncountable series of crashing orgasms that cause her to forget her name and everything else around her..

The double fucking we are giving her in the dirty alley is the most erotic pleasure able moment of her life as she feels our cocks touch each other deep deep inside of her..

For five, ten, twenty and ultimately forty minutes we fuck her like this... It's beyond a marathon fuck, for quite simply we are giving her the sexual fantasy she has longed for as we slam in and out of her as she rides wave after wave of unparalled orgasmic bliss and ecstasy..

The ultimate orgasmic moment happens though just before the pleasure causes her to lose consciousness when Taylor and I both fuck her with the power of race horses and bury our cocks deep in her as all three of us cum in unison...

The sensation of which causes her to scream "OHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGOOOODDDD!!!!"

Many minutes go by as all three of us bask in the afterglow and caress her weary sweaty body. After which Taylor and I dismount and take her weary cum stained and filled sweaty body back to our suite and proceed to bathe her and prepare you for the evening's next erotic moment....

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Goddess, Commander and the Toy Soldier- Part 4

As I watched Taylor whimper and moan as My Goddess continued to suck him and lathered his cock with his warm seed, she then let him get a big taste of his spunk as she rose up to kiss him deep, all the while continuing to stroke his wet cock and keep it ready for what was to come next. His beautiful thick and long cock deep deep inside of her...

Standing there I saw how My Goddess's eyes burned with lustful fiery as she wrapped her hands around his cock and looked at me. As she did I captured in my mind the sites, sounds and smells of the moment. For My Goddess she memorized the way his cock felt in her hand and mouth, as well as the taste and scent of his body and his spunk that now coated her lips and dripped down her throat.  For all of us the sounds of Taylor's and Our Goddess's moans of passion and lust that echoed in the alleyway all contributing to a beautiful evening erotic encounter.

Which had only just begun...

As Taylor tasted his seed his cock suddenly became harder in her hands. He then grabbed her by her hips, picked her up and slammed her down firmly on the car hood.  She gasped at his roughness as he pulled her away and pinned her down. He then pulled her thighs wide as she whimpered and beg him to fuck her hard. Which he then did with uncontrolled abandon by jamming his cock deep inside of her.

The width and length of his cock stretched her wide and caused her to thrash about. Her dress is  covered in dirt from the car as he pulls her tits out and sucks and pinches them hard..

"FUCK ME!!! RAPE ME!!" She cries out and orders... As she looks up at the young stud she can see his eyes burn with unbridled animal passion, the same look in his eyes as she has seen in mine.

From close by I continue to watch for cops as I watch her being slam fucked. From where I stand it is a beautiful site, for my lovely Goddess is fulfilling one of her deepest darkest fantasies. The sight of which I love, for whatever jealousy I might have experienced watching Taylor pleasure her, that energy is channeled into the the erotic moment as I come over to her, pull her hair and bring her lips to mine.

I taste his cum on her lips as our tongues entwine, and the taste is electric as  I lead her hands to my cock that are still encased in my jeans.  As I spring my cock free Taylor repositions her as he continues to fuck her. I then gently tilt her head over the front of the car above the broken headlight as her hands reach for my cock and guide me to her pouting lips. She takes my cock in and swirls the tip gently as Taylor pounds her pussy hard as he tries to make her cum.

As he fucks her I reach for her ankles and pull them towards me so he can fuck her deeper.. As his cock goes deeper I tell him "FUCK HER HARD SOLDIER!!! MAKE OUR SLUT GODDESS CUM!!!"

He instantly reacts to my words and her high pitched moans by drilling her ever deeper and harder...

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!" She screams out as she sucks on me and holds on to my hips for dear life, for his fucking is beyond animalistic as she suddenly feels him trigger her first orgasm, which causes her to yell out, shudder and squirt all over his sweaty groin and abdomen.. She soon coats him in a stream of her musky essence. The feeling and site of which only drives him to fuck her even harder and deeper.. 

That first orgasm triggers soon another as he enslaves her with wave after wave of seemingly endless pleasure. Until finally I suggest he stop so that she can mount his cock and experience even more pleasure...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Amongst Strangers- Our First Club Experience

As we stood watching the couple slowly making love on the bed, another man gently helping them along, I had my arm around My Goddess's waist.

She snuggled her head against me and whispered in my ear:

"I can feel a hand on my bottom"

If I had been excited before it was nothing to the sudden feeling I had as she gently ground her hips against me. I had often wondered about men saying they got turned on watching their partners with other men, but the fact I was holding her and she was nuzzling me made this incredibly exciting.

"What's he doing now" I whispered, keen for her to keep talking to me.

"He's stroking my ass."

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes" she said - no doubt in her voice. I loved the fact she felt so safe.

She asked me what he looked like, but I told he that it was more exciting if she didn't know. He just looked like an ordinary guy, slightly unsure as I caught his eye. I looked back at the couple on the bed, not wishing to put him off or encourage him.

"He's lifting my skirt"

"Are you OK?"

"Mmmm..he's stroking my bare bottom now." She had on a g-string so his hands had free access to her smooth cheeks.

She closed her eyes and was obviously feeling everything and concentrating hard. All of a sudden her hand went down and pushed him away. I can only assume his hand was working its way between her legs and she exercised her absolute right to stop it. But she didn't move us away.

We carried on watching the bed show, the two men kissing and fondling the girl, now completely naked on the bed with twenty or thirty people watching. Some of the single men standing around the bed had taken their cocks out and were openly wanking themselves, hoping the girl would see them and grab their pricks, some only inches from her face.

"There's another hand, is it the same guy?"

"What do you think?" I really wanted to know what she was feeling. Listening to her was unbelievably exciting.

"I can't tell"

"Does it matter?"

"No, not really" From her voice she was obviously very excited. She held me tighter. My arm around her back felt him brush against us, my hand on her waist could feel her skirt being pulled and pushed about.

Again she whispered that her skirt was being lifted. I think that telling me was making her more excited. It was certainly doing it for me. I wanted to be exactly where I was but also wanted to be able to see what he was doing.

Again he stroked her bare ass for a few minutes before he got up courage to explore further.

"Its like a pack of eels.." A pack! More than one - I was as hard as a rock and it wasn't through watching other people having sex right in front of my eyes. It felt wonderful, like we were both feeling those wandering hands.

Suddenly she pushed them away and pulled me across the room. I looked at her and told her that she as in complete control, nobody would or could do anything she didn't want and I was completely comfortable with it all.

We went back to the dance floor and had another drink before she pulled me back into the back rooms again. In the middle of a small crowd in another room I saw the same guy over her shoulder, standing right behind her.

I put my arm around her waist but held my hand lower on her back, right above her bottom. His hand brushed mine and moved away quickly, but didn't leave her body. In the crowd he tried one more time. I told her that it was the same guy and watched her as she enjoyed his touch.

After a few minutes we moved away but she was obviously completely turned on. We found a small room with a lockable door but windows so that people could see in. She took me in and locked the door.

As we made love I think we both wondered just who was watching....